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JUNE 9th / 2016

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Players to Avoid, Part 2 - WR

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Houston Texans

Updated on May 20th / 2016

2015 Team Stats

Mouse over category for additional info. Click to sort column
Brian HoyerQB30224369260619715440000204
T.J. YatesQB2828573703160000030
Alfred BlueRB24000001836982151091114
Jonathan GrimesRB260100056282126173184
Arian FosterRB290000063163122227279
Chris PolkRB260000099334116109172
Akeem HuntRB220000017960639020
Ryan GriffinTE250000000020251257
C.J. FiedorowiczTE240000000017167140
Garrett GrahamTE2900000000430113
DeAndre HopkinsWR2300000000111152111329
Nate WashingtonWR3200000000476584137
Cecil ShortsWR2811211010470424842112
Jaelen StrongWR210000000014161348
Keith MumpheryWR230000000014129027
Chandler WorthyWR220000000031404

2016 Team Projections

Mouse over category for additional info. Click to sort column
Brock OsweilerQB2781430048035052514351051000
Brandon WeedenQB431650805604310220000
Lamar MillerRB256140000023010358504202
Alfred BlueRB731400000100380310650
Jonathan GrimesRB5016000005022528720
Tyler ErvinRB121600000156503210
Ryan GriffinTE1151600000000404545
C.J. FiedorowiczTE24160000000010801
DeAndre HopkinsWR3001600000000100140010
Will FullerWR1321600000000406804
Cecil ShortsWR1271600000000505853
Braxton MillerWR481600000000152102
Jaelen StrongWR461600000000151852
Keith MumpheryWR221600000000101200

What changed for the Texans? Click here


Brock Osweiler, Brandon Weeden, Tom Savage :

At this moment, the Texans answer at quarterback, their savior, the one to take them to the post season is... Brock Osweiller?, Brandon Weeden? Tom Savage? Really? I am not going to lie to you. I am not sure how this is all going to finish up. Brock Osweiler without question goes into training camp as the starting quarterback and he did a decent job in Denver last season but was anybody blown away by his 8 games a year ago. After all, one-armed Peyton Manning still replaced him at the end of the season so that says something about what Denver thought a year ago. I believe he has Matt Schaub kind of potential but I don't see him as an elite future quarterback in the NFL. There are good receivers on this team so that could help him thrive as well.

Brandon Weeden seems like he should be 25 years old but he is already 32 years old. Why the Cleveland Browns thought burning a first round pick on an old quarterback seemed like a good idea is one of the most bizarre draft day moves ever but he does have some talent and ability and could push Osweiller if he struggles early. He had 3 passing touchdowns and a rushing touchdowns in the last two games for Houston last year who stil went back to Brian Hoyer in the playoffs in a surprising move.

Tom Savage is likely only a journeyman NFL quarterback but he has some skills and could do a solid job if pressed into duty. The Texans did see something in him coming out of college.


Lamar Miller, Alfred Blue, Tyler Ervin

Jonathan Grimes, Akeem Hunt

I always thought the Miami Dolphins underutilized the speedy, agile Lamar Miller and perhaps a new team in the Houston Texans will help Miller reach his potential. Only time will tell if he is worth the $6.5 million per annum the Texans paid to land the free agent but the Texans had a hole at running back and did their best to address that with Miller. In the past two years, Miller scored an impressive 19 touchdowns and carried the ball for 1971 yards. He also caught 85 passes. He had two top-ten fantasy seasons in a row and there is potential for more. He is dynamic with a good burst and if he can hold up to additional carries, he may have a career year in 2016. Definitely worth a 2nd round pick in fantasy football.

Alfred Blue is 223 pounds and is a load to bring down. He improved in his second season with 183 carries for 698 yards but scored just 3 touchdowns, bringing his total to 6 in his two seasons. He will never have a high yards per carry average as he lacks a wiggle in his game and is more of a powerful plodder. Still he does compliment Miller nicely and if anything is going to hold Miller back it may be sharing the ball with Blue.

Tyler Ervin was picked up by the Texans in the fourth round and he could be a valuable change of pace back for the team. He is lanky but has good hands and a nice shiftiness to his game.

Jonathan Grimes had a decent amount of playing time last year and the former William and Mary alumni did a pretty good job. He had 56 carries for 282 yards, caught 26 passes and scored two touchdowns.


DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Cecil Shorts, Braxton Miller, Jaelen Strong, Keith Mumphery:

Prior to last season, DeAndre Hopkins was knocking on the door to becoming an elite fantasy football receiver. Last season he kicked that door down and become one of the stars of the hobby. He has all the tools to be the man on offense for the next decade in Houston. He caught 111 passes for 1521 yards and scored 11 touchdowns with pedestrian quarterbacks under center. This former 1st round pick from Clemson is blessed with good running back size and excellent quickness, Hopkins is a nightmare for defenses to cover. If his quarterback was Aaron Rodgers, I would say without question stick him into the top-three receivers on your fantasy list. However the question mark in regards to Hopkins is the Texans shaky quarterback situation once again in 2016. Because he is so talented, I would go ahead and project him for similar stats to last season.

I love the WR Will Fuller 1st round pick this season. He is a vertical beast with his super speed and acceleration. He will be a terrific bookend with DeAndre Hopkins and having Fuller on roster will slide Cecil Shorts to wr3. His speed will give the opposing defense fits and tough to roll over deep coverage to him with Hopkins on board. He has struggled with drops and he is not a big target but for what the Texans need, he will be perfect.

Cecil Shorts did not have the impact the team hoped for when picking him up last year from the Jaguars. He did catch 42 passes for 484 yards in his eleven games but scored just twice. He is a serviceable receiver, nothing more and could be replaced as the WR3 on the team if 2nd-year receiver Jaelen Strong elevates his play. Strong only saw occasional work last year but did 3 touchdown passes on his 14 grabs. He has great size, long arms and as a former basketball player has the ability to leap. He is still learning his craft and his cutting ability and route running needs to be improved. He has starting potential at the NFL level if he works to overcome his weaknesses.

Former quarterback Braxton Miller of Ohio State is working hard to become a legitimate receiver but he still learning his craft. He is terrific with the ball once in his hands.

Keith Mumphery, a former 175th overall pick from Michigan State has mediocre receiving skills and excellent character. He will push for depth on the Texans.


Ryan Griffin, C.J. Fiedorowicz

Anthony Denham

Texans tight ends only caught 41 passes a year ago in a transitional season for the position in Houston. Young tight ends, Ryan Griffin and C.J. Fiedorowicz both had significant action and combined for 37 receptions on the season. Both have potential to win this starting job and both have 50+ reception potential so watch the situation closely.


Projected Starters: LT Duane Brown, LG Xavier Su’a-Filo, C Nick Martin (rookie), RG Jeff Allen, RT Derek Newton

Key Backups: Tony Bergstrom, Oday Aboushi, Jeff Adams

The Houston Texans lost two good starters from a season ago in center Ben Jones (Tennessee) and guard Brandon Brooks (Philadelphia). Especially painful in the loss of Brooks as he was sensational for the Texans. The Texans recovered nicely from the loss at center by drafting a potential gem in Nick Martin of Notre Dame fame. He should be able to step in and do a great job from day one. However the loss of Brooks is more damaging as there will be a drop in play at the position. Jeff Allen is currently slotted in as the starter but the free agent pick up from Kansas City is not as talented as Brooks. There will be a huge battle for the guard positions between Allen, former 2nd round pick Xavier Su'a-Filo, the starter from last year in Oday Aboushi and a former updrafted Colombia kid, Jeff Adams. None of those players can be considered an elite player although Su'a-filo has upside. Duane Brown is a very strong left tackle when healthy but needs to show he is fully recovered from a torn quad muscle. On the other side, Derek Newton is only a marginal tackle and he needs to be pushed for playing time by somebody on the roster or the team needs to find another tackle prospect. I like a couple of the pieces here but there just isn't enough to think too highly of this group in 2016.


Nick Novak:

Had a good first season in Houston, kicking 18 of 21 field goals. It is the fifth stop in his career which included some seasons of no action.